Hi there – I’m Matt and I’m the photographer behind Stow Photography. I love making photos, especially of people having a good time, and especially outdoors.

I started Stow Photography because I’ve always had a lot of fun capturing my family’s adventures, traditions, and events. But I feel like great images should be more easily accessible, and I wanted to share that passion with my friends and soon-to-be friends who may not have a live-in photographer in their homes.

the photographer at work in New Zealand
the Mini Girl in Oslo

Photography in 2018 is the perfect blend of artistic expression and tech-geek indulgence. I can exercise my creativity and also have a great excuse to play with gadgets and amazing software.

All of that technology also means that getting top notch photos of your family doesn’t have to be complicated, expensive, or time consuming. My goal is to make fun, beautiful photos accessible and affordable to families just like yours and mine.

I’d love to meet your family and capture some memories. Check out the How It Works page to get started.

Mrs. Stow Photography and the twins at Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland

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